Japanese Racket maker SRIXON unveiled REVO CX 2017 (Tennis en)

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This entry is my experimental trial in English. Thank you for reading.

SRIXON REVO CX 2017 is unveiled

as Dunlop Sports released the other day, the new series of SRIXON’s REVO CX are unveiled.

~弾道のピークをより相手側にシフト。ベースライン際で急降下!~スリクソンテニスラケット「REVO CX」シリーズ5機種を新発売 | 住友ゴム工業
住友ゴム工業の~弾道のピークをより相手側にシフト。ベースライン際で急降下!~スリクソンテニスラケット「REVO CX」シリーズ5機種を新発売です。

They told the concept of this time is “Dunlop”. When we hit a top spin ball, the peak of the arc is moved to more far side from us.


The impression video of LAFINO (stroke)

They told increase ball speed, rise the angle of flying, the ball make be had a peak of the arc at the deeper area and touch the ground in the court. But, I guess does it means what this racket have get the kinetic energy that got by swing and it doesn’t decrease rotation but increase rotation, a ball gets more speed?

I thought if the racket weight is same, the increasing of kinetic energy means increasing racket speed. if the SRIXON company make the racket frame get be hard, the loss of kinetic energy that give racket to ball is decreased but the product characteristics and feeling of hit is changed.

In addition, I guess the peak of the ball arc will be closed to the baseline of front court if the rotation of ball doesn’t change and the initial velocity of ball increase. It means the point of starting and being faster of ball spin is far away from a racket and the peak of ball arc will be closed to the baseline of frontcourt. It looks same the situation that golfer putt a ball. the ball slide for a few distances with no spin and start spin. There is nearly moving at playing billiards.

something I felt from these releases

There seems be not information to prove my guesses but The SRIXON make the cross section of frame be changed to be unique structure that the frame is trapezium that be wide at the outside of racket at the top part and be wide at the inside at the part under 3-9 o’clock. I guess this changing cause the effects that the balance of racket will be top heavy and the difference of bending will be changed between top and under of a racket. These effects have the racket get easy to increase racket speed and change the arc of ball flying to be far. The balance of 2.0 TOUR was not changed but 2.0 was changed to 315 that back to the top heavy. It might mean SRIXON wanted the effect of top of the racket will be better.

The impression video, volley and service by LAFINO that is Tennis shop in Japan.

They said,

“If you serve a ball by using these racket, you should hit a ball with a small amount of rotation. a player who can swing as fast will be able to get a good curved ball as slice serve.”

But, I felt the meaning that they said basically means “There racket can’t send a ball flying as well” because if the racket will much bend, the power that is transmitted from a racket to a ball decrease. So, a player has to swing more fast to get the power of racket to fly a ball. Altough it is my opinion, The bending of racket doesn’t be back before a ball have been leaved from a racket. A tennis strings is same. Some people image about bending of racket as the case of trampoline. The repulsion of trampoline need time and distance to push down and be back. If we push down own body on a trampoline as quickly, qur body cannot be push up to upper side. and, I guess you are able to understand that if we stand on a trampoline bed and the frame of it will be pushed up as quickly, the bed will be stretched but our height from the ground will not change. 

as my thoughts, It a little disappointed me

The changing of cross section a little disapppinted me. the recently box style frame of racket is not real square, be changing to be a little gentle its shape and be partially changed the shape of it. I suppose it express the revolution of frame making flexibility with materials and manufacturing technology but I wish that box frame rackets always will be itself.

The different cross section between uperside and lowerside of racket face is confused me. For example, I think it is good that SRIXON’s CZ series use the complex type of frame between racket face and lowor frame of racket. The Babolat PURESTRIKE 2014 that I am using have difference of frame too. my thoughts are only talking about in the range of box style frame rackets.

2.0 TOUR was keeping the feeling of common box style frame racket but 2.0 felt us it is for stroke players that have feeling of good ball keeping (delay of a ball fly). 2.0 have “good play ability” but it is incomplete among the peculiarity of 2.0 series. based on this, I guess SRIXON wished to appeal the flexibility with these changing to players who want these feeling.

but, I believe that people cannot get own improving by changing the tennis equipment. so, I only say that if you have interest to this new 2.0 series, it might be good for you but I recommend CZ series as actually.

as summary

I was still having interests for X2.0 series because it is made with box style frame and the presence of 2.0 TOUR that have 18 x 20 string pattern. but, I decide that Wilson Pro Staff 97 is better as commonly. Wilson is still thinking of keeping concept of each models and I suppose they don’t change the specification to the tend .

2017.02.08 P.S.

The video in super slow motion was unveiled. I think it is special about racket’s information. 

The revolution of new REVO CX series with super slow motion!!

this video explains that new CX series can decrease the fluctuation of frame when hit a ball. A thin racket frame bend and get fluctuation by impact. so, I guess it means new CX series have improved it with changing of shape style and device. the bending and fluctuation decrease the power to fly a ball and this changing might get better flying a ball.

This video explains that new CX series can be decreased the fluctuation of frame when hit a ball. A thin racket frame bend and bring fluctuation by impact. so, I guess it means new CX series improves it with changing of shape style and device. the bending and fluctuation decrease the power to fly a ball. so, this changing might get more flying.

but, I guess the improvement that we can easy feel is “feeling” when we hit a ball. The decreasing of vibration feels that to us, for example. in addition, the people are always so subjective and we often decide impressions of tennis equipment by own subjective feeling if it is not matter to the ability of rackets.