Japanese are only living in Japan

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Although it is my own personal opinion,

How Japanese think about English and other foreign language.
There are many people can speak English and use English language in Japan. But, Japanese usually think to learn other language is the some special ability, hobbies and lessons because we don’t completely need other language to live in Japan. We feel the people only can speak English is so intelligent.

Most oversea informations are translated to Japanese.
Japanese don’t have much interest for the information what don’t be translated to Japanese. We usually read the foreign news in only Japanese media. most of them look like same because these sources are limited. It is different from before. They don’t get information from own feature.

Of course, Japanese choice Japanese UI.
Japanese don’t choice some cool apps because these UI are no or not enough translation if they are no problem to use Japanese characters. by this reason, Japanese comment negatively and rate them low without scruple. They choice Japanese UI apps what imitate these app’s features. sometimes, they might not know these original apps.

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Japanese are pleased oversea people to say “I love Japanese”.
The Japanese TV stations often broadcast the TV programs what are “how oversea people love Japan”, “how evaluate Japanese culture and products at foreign countries”. Japanese love these TV programs and has imperceptibly been brainwashed as “Japan have interested from other countries”. Japanese often pleased to the foreigners speak easy Japanese and praise Japanese culture. But, Japanese completely don’t think to know about these people, countries, culture. It is so strange and terrible.

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Many Japanese think “I am enough as Japanese”.
Japanese are only living in Japan. Actually, Japanese good culture is changing to worse. If Japanese will know about foreign countries as a little more than now, we might be able to reaffirm the significance of own culture. But, I guess we can’t save to be changing our culture if many people hope so because many Japanese are thinking ” I am enough as Japanese”. I suppose these matters are some weakness of current Japan. It might not change from now to future.

sakura AJ unsplash
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