Stewed dish of wing sticks and eggs (Cuisine en)


Wing sticks

We are usually able to buy “wing sticks” at a cheap price about 58yen by each 100 grams in neighborhood supermarket. If it is frozen meal, There is the price of 380yen with 750 grams (50yen by each 100 grams).

But, I don’t hit a recipe how cook wing sticks other than fried chiken. there is bone. I don’t want to deep-fry because it take a times.


I just found the stewed dish of wing sticks.

It don’t need many seasoning, easy to measure the amount, be able to do short time cooking, special mention is “so delicious”. You should to cook that. It might be good with drinking because it’s taste sweet and few salty.



Stewed dish of wing sticks and eggs recipe:

thin soy sauce 100ml, rice vinegar 100ml, suger 100ml place it and toss in a pot.

When put a pot over the fire with sugar melts and boiling, Arrange wing sticks (300
grams) and about three eggs as don’t overlap with each other in a pot.

cut aluminum foil into the size of pot and put a small lid directly on the top of the food. only stew about 15 minutes.

It seems look like be less amount of seasoning, But, The putting aluminum foil enough circulate around wing sticks and eggs.

my trick

In addition my trick, You should keep a low flame and check the food how stewed after degree 10 minutes. It become so salty If you have stewed too much.

Maybe, It seems cost about 250yen. Be able to cook about 15 minutes, so delicious, It is good to get to your recipe.